Transports is a transportation business simulation game. Build your business empire by building transportation routes for trucks, trains, ships and planes to transport goods between industrial buildings and cities.

Build trucks, buses, ships, planes, trains, trams, maglevs, helicopter and zeppelins to transport goods and passengers between industry buildings and cities.

Renew your transport vehicles and replace them with better versions. Manufactories will offer you exclusive and special vehicle variants which will give you benefits.

You can research vehicle improvements to increase the efficiency of your vehicles.

Work your way up and reach the rank Tycoon. Unlock new gameplay features with each rank, finally become mayor of a city and apply for political offices.

Once you become the mayor of a city, you can build a prestige project and win the game.

Build a company headquarters foundation and gradually expand your company headquarters.

Play with up to 20 computer opponents on huge procedurally generated maps.
Sabotage your opponents or make agreements to prevent sabotage acts against your transport routes. Cooperate with them to provide cities as quickly as possible or buy unpleasant competitors.

Manage the power supply for cities and industries by delivering the required goods to power plants.

Help cities grow by satisfying their needs for goods, food and luxury goods. Big cities provide more passengers which can be transported to nearby cities profitably.

Transport 40 different goods between 39 different industries and numerous cities.
Keep your station stock low to get a production bonus from industry buildings. Deliver machinery and tools to industry buildings to get a production boost for a short period of time.